I learnt embroidery from my aunts, my paternal grandmother and my mother. At one time my grandmother's home was full of female embroiderers' who taught me the value of a well-told story through their craft/art and so it is the stories held in objects that I cherish. Rituals around craft-making fascinated me especially the rituals before cutting the cloth for special occasions like weddings or folding and wrapping clothes for protection. These were not only mere rituals, they defined the way we value our surrounding s our lives.  After moving to New York my work started exploring and comparing rituals of the two cultures, the role of women, concepts of feminism in east and west and my identity as a female immigrant living between the past and present cultures.

Embroidery provided the impetus to revisit memories,

unravelling stories laden with metaphors and meanings. Humans lives and Textiles are synonymous and my studio practice explores this relationship.







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